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  • All Players must be registered with their appropriate teams and must register at registration (Friday night or early Saturday morning at fields prior to first game). No exceptions    
  • Teams are limited to 16 players on the team roster
  • All players must present a photo ID at the time of registration. Players will receive a wrist band at registration and must wear it during play.  Photo ID must also be available during the tournament for confirmation if required by Tournament Officials
  • No player may register or be added to the team after the first pitch after the second-round robin game
  • Team rosters must be submitted by the designated date delegated by Tournament Organizers
  • Lineup cards and an official scorebook will be provided to each team.  Completed lineup cards are to be submitted to the Umpire at the pregame meeting

Softball Canada and USA Softball Slo-pitch rules are in effect during the tournament unless an amended rule is listed below, in which case the Tournament Rules are enforced. The following items cover Field, Players, and Equipment. These rules are provided for your safety and enjoyment as well as the safety and enjoyment of any volunteers and spectators.

Rules of Play

  • Games are 55 minutes in length or 7 innings – whatever comes first, with no new inning commencing after 50 minutes. Semis and Finals will be complete 7 innings
  •  Home and Away will be determined during the Round Robin play by a double coin flip at the pre-game conference. During Double Elimination play, home team will be the higher seeded team
  • Umpires are Softball Canada, USA Softball and SPN certified. Single man system will be utilized in the Round Robin and up to and including quarterfinal games of Double Elimination. Two-man system will be utilized for Semi-finals and Finals
  • Games will proceed if it rains until such time it is not safe to continue playing due to field conditions, extreme weather or lightning
  • Lightning protocol will come into effect – suspension of game for 30 minutes after 1st and each lightning strike thereafter
  • Decision to restart will lie with Tournament Committee and UIC.
  • Tournament officials reserve the right to augment the tournament rules in the case of foul weather or other unforeseen circumstances for the purposes of getting games in


  1. Teams are limited to 16 players on the team roster
  2. Players shall have a player rating and they must comply with the player rating for the appropriate Division as per NAGAAA ratings.  (See Ratings Addendum)
C Up to 15 Up to 140
D Up to 12 Up to 110
E Up to 8 Up to 75
  • Teams will field 10 players.  Teams must have 9 players to field a team.  Any team unable to field 9 players at any time shall be subject to a forfeit.  Forfeited games will be scored 7-0
  • Managers have the option of batting all rostered players in their half inning. These players must be listed on the lineup cards and copies provided to the opposing manager and umpire at pre-game conference
  • Line-up sheets must contain surname, initial of given name and player’s jersey number
  • Uniforms are not mandatory but similar coloured/style shirts are preferred. Each player shirt must be affixed with a number on the reverse – 4” to 8” in height
  • Visible jewelry (watches, rings, necklaces, earrings, facial rings, fit bits) which present a hazard of injury must be removed before play.  Jewelry is allowed at the Umpire’s discretion
  • No open-toed shoes are allowed on the playing field.  Rubber cleated shoes or running shoes are mandatory. Metal cleats are not allowed.
  • If at any time during the game a player becomes injured and is unable to continue play, that player may be removed from the batting order without penalty
  • If a player is ejected from the game, the player may be substituted from the listed substitutes only. Ejected players will be counted as an out when it comes to that player’s turn at bat
  • Injured players may be removed without penalty if there are no substitutions available
  • Players ejected from a game will be limited to missing the remainder of that game
  • Exception: Player is ejected for a serious infraction, i.e., attempt to injure, gross un-sportsmanlike conduct; games missed will be determined by the Tournament Committee

Game Play

  • The tournament will consist of Round Robin play and then proceed to Double Elimination
  • Substitutions are allowed without penalty; however, the player must be listed on the line-up card as a substitute prior to pre-game conference
  • Each team may use one courtesy runner per inning including Extra innings. Courtesy runner may be anyone on the line-up
    • Note: If the Courtesy runner is still on base when it’s their turn at bat, it is an out

The Equipment

  1. Worth Hot Dot Balls will be utilized for the tournament
  2. Bats must be stamped with the proper accreditation – USSSA thumbprint, USA Softball,

WBSC, ISF 2005, ASA 2000, ASA 2004, ASA 2008 or ASA 2012, ASA 2016 stamps

  • Pitchers and Catchers must wear safety equipment as prescribed by Slo-Pitch Ontario


Out of the Park Home Run Limit: 

  • C Division – One Home Run per team
  • D and E Division – None allowed
    • Any HomeRun over the stated limit will be recorded as an out and an end of the inning.
  • Batters start with 1 and 1 count (one ball and one strike)
  • Differential Run Rule: 15 after 3 innings, 12 runs after 4 innings or 10 after 5 innings (2.5, 3.5 or 4.5 if Home team is ahead)
  • Round Robin can end in a tie.   Points – 2 per win, 1 per tie, 0 for loss.
  • Extra Innings – Only in Tournament Bracket play, along with Semis and Finals. At the end of regulation by time or innings International Tie Breaker rule applies
  • Teams will be ranked upon completion of Round Robin based on win/loss record. In case of a tie, the following will be used (in-order):
    • Head to Head
    • Run Differential – Plus or Minus of total runs scored with a limit of 7 Plus or Minus
    • Least number of runs scored against in all games
    • Coin Toss

Semifinals and Finals

  • No time limits – full seven innings will be played
  • Mercy rule run per inning will still apply
  • Ties will be broken – International tie breaker will commence after 7 complete innings

International tie breaker – last available batter (last batter previous inning) on line up to start at 2nd base.

  • After 8 complete innings – still tied – same as after 7 innings; however, inning starts with one out
  • After 9 complete innings – still tied – same as after 7 innings; however, inning starts with two out

General Park Rules and Prohibitions

  • Due to Municipal and Provincial legislation, no smoking and/or alcohol shall be allowed on the benches, in the dugouts or on any part of the playing field
  • Alcohol is not allowed within the area of the Parks, except in designated areas
  • The offending person will be given one warning and the team manager will be advised of the warning. A second incident will result in the person being ejected from the game
  • If the person is not involved in a game, then one warning will be issued and a second incident may result in the person being ejected from the tournament/park